Tiny Light Meter 1.07

Source:Tiny Couch

Light meter, film log, all in your pocket.

Tested and verified on Droid, Droid X, Nexus S. Will NOT work on HTC phones, don't bother.

The perfect companion for an old school film shooter.

Do you own an old antique film camera with no light meter built in? Getting too lazy to bring a separate light meter and notepad with you every time you want to go shoot with it? I was in the same boat, but now my life is simplified.

Meter light with Tiny Light Meter by using the camera to snap a shot and calculate the correct exposure based on the EXIF data. The app always uses aperture priority and calculates the shutter speed in real time.

Record your own film exposure data by using the film log. You no longer have to use a notebook to write down the settings you used for each frame. Simply create a new roll of film, and hit the big red button to start taking information about each frame.

Film logs are recorded and stored in Comma Separated Values (CSV), so they can be imported into Excel or Numbers to be analyzed. They can be shared easily by email or Dropbox if you have it installed.

You've just turned your phone into a light meter and notepad. Give it a whirl, it's fast and easy.

Photography buffs - you can practice your eye by playing "Guess the exposure!" Get faster and better by shooting manual. Soon you can walk into a room and know exactly what to dial into your camera.

Compatibility (known NOT to work):
HTC Nexus One
HTC Evo 4g
HTC Desire
MyTouch 3g
(Most if not all HTC phones)

Please refrain from giving low ratings if your phone is not compatible. Instead, please contact your phone manufacturer and try to convince them to embed exposure data in their JPEG Exifs!

HTC Users, please contact HTC via phone or snail mail to get them to embed EXIF data! http://tinycouch.com/tinylightmeter/#htc

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OS:Android 2.1 and up

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